About Us

Hello Readers,


First of all thank you for visiting our blog and giving us your valuable time. This blog “Car Ki Baat” (कार की  बात) was started in year 2010 by Abhishek and later Priyanka and Prashant also became a member of  this blog. The sole purpose of this blog was to provide information regarding cars. Whether it is car reviews or new car launch or the news from the racing world. In 2010, this was the only blog in Hindi which was writing about cars. We also provide stories about cars in a very interesting way. We write in a very simple language and  make sure that even those readers who have little technical knowledge about cars can understand the post easily.

The only purpose of this blog is to provide user with useful information regarding cars. So, go through the contents of this blog and I am sure that you will be having a good time here. Recommend this blog to your friends and family who are looking for some interesting information about cars.

Thank you!